Our new season organic vanilla beans have arrived

I am excited to announce the arrival of Plump Pods new season organic vanilla beans. These ethically sourced organic vanilla pods are some of the finest beans currently available on the market. They are truly intoxicating!

The oily pods are deliciously fragrant with heady aromas of sweet, fruity and slightly grilled cocoa. A real treat to the senses, our aromatic pods are ideal to use in dishes where vanilla is the signature ingredient. Infusions in creamy desserts such as ice-cream and crème brûlée perfectly showcase the full rich flavour profile of these exquisite beans.

Sustainably produced and traceable back to the growers

Plump Pods certified organic vanilla beans are produced sustainably in the lush tropical highlands of central Sri Lanka. They are grown amidst the existing ecosystem.   We source the beans from a direct-trade farmers cooperative following Fair Trade principles. Each crop is traceable back to the individual growers.  Proceeds of sales go directly to supporting the farmers to improve and expand their farms. It ensures the viability of small and micro family-operated farms and helps to lift these communities out of poverty. With each season’s crop farmers are able to expand and improve their operations, and in turn improve the quality of their boutique crop.

A favourite of chefs and gourmet cooks

At Plump Pods we hand-select the finest pods to offer to the most discerning of chefs and gourmet cooks. Our rich premium vanilla beans are a favourite all-natural flavouring in wholefoods cooking and specialist desserts.  Our customers have peace of mind knowing that our beans are good for the planet as well as the palate. This new season organic vanilla bean crop is sure to impress.

Good things come to those who wait

Producing vanilla beans is a labour of love. The fragile climbing orchid takes 3 years to mature before flowers begin to appear. These must be hand-pollinated within 24 hours to set fruit. It then takes nine months of nurturing the beans on the vine before they reach full maturity and are ready for harvesting.

The killing, curing and grading process takes another 3-4 months, and it is during this process that the intense flavour develops in the beans.  An enzymatic reaction produces several hundred different compounds which make up the complex flavour notes of each bean. By using the seeds and whole beans in your cooking you capture a depth of flavour that cannot be attained by using extracts and pastes.    

The price for luxury

With such a lengthy and labour-intensive production process, it is little wonder that vanilla beans are one of the most expensive crops in the world. Demand for quality beans continue to rise (especially in the perfume industry) which further affects price.

Climate change is also helping to push the price of vanilla up. Temperature changes are having impacts on productivity, with some regions struggling to see their crop set flower. As the planet warms, cyclones threaten to increase in frequency, especially in the tropics. These have already had devastating affects on growing regions such as Madagascar, creating shortages in the global supply. 

Despite its cost, quality vanilla pods are an artisan spice worth savouring. Each season you can indulge in this luxury, knowing you are enabling a brighter future for your oceanic neighbours.

Savour the flavour in your next recipe

Are you ready to sample the unique flavours of our new season organic vanilla beans?

Our vanilla bean ice-cream recipe is a classic, and will showcase the flavours of these beans perfectly.

These extra long beans means you can choose to only use half a bean per recipe, storing the remainder to keep fresh until next needed.