15 Certified Organic Vanilla Beans – Premium Grade

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  • 15 CERTIFIED ORGANIC VANILLA BEANS for use in gourmet desserts, pastries, sauces.
  • A-GRADE VANILLAN PLANIFOLIA (Madagascar Bourbon type): 25-30% moisture | extra long 17cm + | 1.5-2.0% vanillan content | average weight of bean is 4g
  • SUSTAINABLY GROWN in Matale district of SRI LANKA – fair/direct trade from growers co-op. Proceeds directly support micro, small and medium farms to develop sustainable businesses and lift growers out of poverty.
  • DARK BROWN, MOIST, OILY Pods, with aromas of sweet, fruity and slightly grilled cocoa.
  • OPAQUE, RESEALABLE, aluminium-lined, plastic-free pouch to prevent VOCs & UV light diminishing the vanilla beans. No vacuum-packing, as this can cause anaerobic bacterial degradation of the pods.

Out of stock

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15 CERTIFIED ORGANIC VANILLA BEANS, Vanillan planifolio (Madagascan variety). Plump Pods vanilla is exquisitely aromatic Grade A premium pods–ideal for infusing in gourmet desserts and savoury dishes.

Our pods are characterised by DARK BROWN, MOIST, OILY pods, with aromas of SWEET, FRUITY, and slightly GRILLED COCOA.

The VANILLA PLANT is a tender, fleshy vine, belonging to the Orchid family and originating from Mexico. It is now grown in tropical climates around the world, with each region’s growing conditions contributing to the distinct flavors of the vanilla produced there.

Plump Pods’ vanilla beans are sourced directly from a co-op in the central highlands of Sri Lanka. Their DIRECT TRADE model (Fair Trade methodology) ensures the farmers receive more money for their crops, helping to lift growers out of poverty. The farmers are supported to establish SUSTAINABLE farms, following best practices in organic production methods, to produce the finest quality vanilla. The produce can be traced from FARM-TO-PLATE.

OUR PACKAGING has been carefully selected to ensure the freshest, most fragrant beans are delivered to our customers. The beans are not vacuum packed so as to not squash the pods or squeeze out their natural perfumes, and prevent them being exposed to anaerobic bacterial degradation. We have chosen resealable, opaque, aluminium lined, plastic-free pouches to protect the beans from sunlight degradation and VOCs that could diminish the flavour of the vanilla.

TO USE: split the bean length-wise with a sharp knife, scrape out the seeds, and add to your cakes, creams and sauces.

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Grade A


Sri Lanka


Extra long


Vanillan Planifolia


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