Plump Pods organic vanilla Vanillan planifolia – grown and cured in the central highlands of Sri Lanka, in the Matale District. The tropical climate of the region is ideally suited to growing vanilla beans and supports a small, boutique vanilla industry, which is growing. The particular growing conditions, the soil, local climate, farming techniques and curing methods all contribute to the unique flavors and attributes of Plump Pod vanilla beans.

Plump Pods procures directly from producers through their farmers co-op.  The direct trade model (following Fair Trade principles)  has an enormous social impact by putting more money back in the hands of local farmers. This ensures micro, small and medium sized farms are viable, helping to lift the rural communities out of poverty.

The co-op prioritises teaching and assisting the local rural farmers to improve their organic farming practices to produce nutrient-rich, finest quality produce. They take an holistic view of the long term sustainability of the farms, businesses, rural communities, local environment and their trading partners, doing what they can to implement green initiatives that reduce their impact of on the planet for future generations of farmers.


Plump Pods sources the finest vanilla to enhance your cooking. Our GRADE-A vanilla beans are dark brown, plump, oily, and moist.

They are beautifully aromatic with overtones of sweet, fruity and slightly grilled cocoa.

Plump Pods vanilla beans are ideal for gourmet desserts, baking and savoury dishes, or infused in vinegar, sugar, honey or other liquids. Read some of our recipes for how to make delicious treats using our vanilla.


Plump Pods organic vanilla beans come in a convenient ‘Keep Fresh’ resealable aluminium lined pouch. This carefully designed packaging keeps the vanilla pods in optimal conditions for freshness and longevity. If cared for properly your vanilla should have a shelf life well beyond 2 years.

Our packaging is:

  • Aluminium lined unbleached Kraft paper bags – The aluminium is inert and does not influence the flavor of the vanilla pods.

  • Non-plastic – We do not wrap our vanilla in plastic. Plastic can emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that can mingle with the volatile chemicals of the vanilla, affecting the flavor of the beans, and subsequently your cooking.

  • Not vacuum sealed – Here at Plump Pods we prefer to not vacuum-pack our vanilla beans as this can lead to anaerobic bacterial degradation and damage to the pods. Vanilla continues to develop its flavors as it sits on your shelf. Vacuum sealing sucks out the air and volatile flavors from the beans, and squashes the pods in the process. It can prevent the ongoing chemical interactions between the pods and prevents further flavor development.

  • Resealable with zipper top – our packages can be resealed after opening to prevent the remaining unused pods from drying out whilst they sit on your shelf.

  • Opaque – Our opaque packaging keeps the vanilla in the dark,  preventing sunlight from degrading the beans during transit or whilst sitting in your pantry.

  • Recyclable – Please consider recycling your packaging through commercial recycle plants where they can strip the paper away from the aluminium.

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