At the heart of Plump Pods is a desire to support the viability of artisans and specialist producers across the globe by connecting you with their products. We seek boutique quality products that can enhance and bring joy to the rituals of everyday, whilst also benefiting the producers and their communities. It is a step away from the mass produced… and a return to the hand-touched and hand-crafted.

The name Plump Pods is a metaphor for thriving ecosystems, empowered communities, rewarding endeavours.

Key to our business is that everyone in our supply chain benefits from the exchange, and the impact on our planet is minimal. We seek quality foods and craft that are sustainably produced, with a focus on the full life cycle of the product. We seek to tread lightly on this planet and pay due respect to our fellow inhabitants.

I hope you are delighted with our products, as we are.

Fi Cameron, founder of Plump Pods